posted: May 24, 2010
Utility - oils on hardboard 12 x 24 inches...

My neighbour across the street has an old homebuilt utility trailer. It's used to carry old furniture, soil, building supplies, and any other thankless tasks. It follows an old Ford, and it reminds me of one my Father had. Although my Father's was a weathered box off an old Studebaker truck. The main frame of this trailer is from an old truck too. The sides are angle iron, and 3/4" plywood. All the metal is painted black, but it's the custom plexiglass fenders that give this trailer it's own look. The plexiglass is old, & cloudy, probably quite brittle now. Still there's no cracks in them. Oh, yeah that spare tire is probably quite old too! The battle ship grey paint job seems to have been refreshed recently. When it's parked across the lane, it just makes me smile, as it sits under the dappled light of the oak trees. I suppose this image is more nostalgia in tone than I first intended when started.
Harry Campbell May 24, 2010
Love these paintings of yours. When will I see them in a gallery back east? I could use a trailer like that.
chris Spolen May 24, 2010
very nice!!!!,simple beauty
Leo Espinosa May 24, 2010
I never thought a utility truck could look this handsome.
Alex Nabaum May 24, 2010
Makes it feel like a monument, very cool!
Douglas Fraser May 24, 2010
Harry, no galleries out east right now sorry, but I'm trying to paint faster. It's the edges of elements, and the opacity that I'm desiring, along with the surface.
Victor Juhasz May 24, 2010
Great painting. You are a master at giving the assumed mundane image a life of its own. Like the composition too.
Paul Rogers May 24, 2010
Makes me want to move to British Columbia.
Robert Saunders May 24, 2010
Just beautiful, and yes, makes me nostalgic for Canada.
Greg Clarke May 24, 2010
Beautiful Doug. In California, most HOA's would fine the owner for parking something like this in front of their house.
Douglas Fraser May 24, 2010
Greg, it's a little more laid back here. The trailer is sometimes in his driveway or in front of his home. He's even let me throw a few items in it during my yard work.
leduc May 25, 2010
What I love is the contrast of this dark heavy looking trailer blocking the view of the serene garden and home in the background. The composition with the trailer so dominant in the center urges the viewer to enter the scene and to move to one side or the other in order to take in the view behind. This makes an otherwise stagnant image become active. The depth created by the house receding into the background and even the glimpse of a view into the house through the open window is very enticing. I would love to see this one in person.
Mark Gervais May 25, 2010
You are the master of Banal Drama.
Deb Wozny May 25, 2010
You always have had a wonderful way of combining your old memories into your present day art. Great to see you painting for yourself again!
Douglas Fraser May 26, 2010
Chris, Thanks for your thoughts. It good read, and it's pleasing to know people are really looking. Mark, what can I say, but thanks. Deb, You did checkout my site!
Mark McBride June 1, 2010
I want to buy almost everything you make. Love those shadows from the trees, done to perfection.
Tim Dose July 21, 2010
Somehow this just finally popped up in my Google Reader, but I love this piece, and had to comment despite being late to the show. The strength of the trailer versus the softness of the environment is really nice. Great work, Doug.
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