posted: June 1, 2010

Roy Comiskey coined a great description about the last assignment we did. It's in the June issue of Security Management magazine. After seeing some of my gallery pieces, Roy thought my approach would be great for the cargo security topic of an upcoming article. Roy has been one of the most open Art Directors I've worked with. He's allowed me the space to explore my approach in many different ways over the years. Being one of the first A.D.'s to embrace my digital work back in the mid 90's. He described some of my newer pieces as Pop-Realism. I quite liked the term. It's a vector based approach, done in Adobe Illustrator. In my gallery work, I usual work up the color, and structure in a vector based study for the final paint. The gallery work is done in oils, but for publishing purposes the digital works best.
Mark Fisher June 1, 2010
Super Sonic Solid!
David Flaherty June 1, 2010
Victor Juhasz June 1, 2010
You rock, Doug.
Drew Friedman June 1, 2010
WOW! Superb!
Richard Downs June 1, 2010
Looks great. Love the structure and lighting.
Mark McBride June 1, 2010
Somebody please point out one error in this peice if you can. Oil it Doug, it deserves the alkyd onslaught. Looks like it belongs in your gallery. Good work Doug, man good work.
fiedler June 1, 2010
Super! ...and Roy's great too!
Zina June 1, 2010
I continue to really like the solidity and abstraction in these; really terrific.
Robert Hunt June 1, 2010
I love this piece.
Gary Taxali June 1, 2010
This is insanely brilliant. You're a master, Doug.
Rob Dunlavey June 1, 2010
That's beautiful. I like how you use the vectors to work things out before you go to traditional media.
Greg Clarke June 1, 2010
Beautifully abstracted realism Doug. I'm seeing a series of these on exhibit in an airport hangar--each about 30 feet high.
Douglas Fraser June 1, 2010
Thanks for the supportive reactions. Greg, hhmm... 30 feet high? Well with vector it's possible. The hanger would be the harder item to secure.
Mark Gervais June 2, 2010
I love how you resolved the wheels and landing gear and there's lots of beautiful little pieces of light and shadow all over. It's the real deal!
Paul Rogers June 2, 2010
what a badass!
fuchs June 2, 2010
very, very!
Leo Espinosa June 3, 2010
there's an implicit action and yet you don't see a soul. Fantastic, sir!
terry September 2, 2010
Ever considered having your work sculpted? It would lend itself to 3D naturally. With the sketches, how large are you working and do you use actual models for conception ideas (casts, manikins...). Very strong, and if I may say masculine work!
Douglas Fraser September 2, 2010
Yes, I've considered working in sculpture, but time, and interest ebbs & flows. I've rarely used models. Most of my reference has been though photo, and sketchbook. I'm now more interested in the idea of what our brains do with the information gathered by the eyes. It's a dialogue almost with, and without dimension.
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