World Cup
posted: June 7, 2010

Well it's been awhile since I've done a TIME cover. D.W. Pine emailed asking if I was available over the Memorial Day weekend. No one phones anymore, and maybe D.W. needed someone who wasn't going anywhere for the weekend, Ha! He thought a very strong graphic, poster-type cover with a player and ball would be cool in my style. Very straight forward, and to the point. Fine with me, as I enjoy the opportunity to really explore a object in it's structure. One of the bigger choices for me was whether to portray the traditional black & white soccer ball. I went with a more contemporary looking ball as it describes more appropriately the feeling to the event held in South Africa. As with any current cover work, there is the need for providing space for the necessary text, and masthead while maintaining the energy. Originally the text was to be on the left, but after an Editor review it was now on the right.  The Editor wanted a single player making a kick from the back, as I had done with another sports image of a baseball player. Not highlighting any one player was the goal.
First round of sketches with text in the lower left....

Text moved to the right. The energy was not going in the 4th sketch. I sent D.W. another even before he responded to #4....

Base drawing for paint. The number 19 is for the 19th World Cup. On to finish, and back to the top....

Tim OBrien June 7, 2010
Killer cover Doug. Nice to see illustration two weeks in a row too.
John Hendrix June 7, 2010
Funny, I just saw this on the news-stand this afternoon, and thought "That will be on Drawger tomorrow" Really iconic cover. Great stuff.
Kyle T Webster June 7, 2010
This is so bold, so powerful, and so perfect! Props to Mr. Pine for picking the right artist and the right idea - it's a winner. Gooooooooooaaaaaaaal! (That foot breaking out of the box is so effective, too - just great.)
Stephen Kroninger June 7, 2010
Pete Ryan June 7, 2010
This cover completely jumps off the shelf. well done!
Victor Juhasz June 7, 2010
Powerhouse cover image. You knock 'em out of the park.
Roberto Parada June 7, 2010
Love it Doug, exceptionally bold and wonderful color to go with the strong graphic kick. The world cup is the finest tournament in the world of sports. This would have been a great poster for FIFA.
Douglas Fraser June 7, 2010
Thanks Guys! I do appreciate it. The process was a good one with the help of Mr.Pine.
Alex Nabaum June 7, 2010
Got this in the mail few days ago and was waiting for you to post it. A standout! and that foot is so solid.
Richard Downs June 8, 2010
Perfect artist/perfect piece. Congrats!.
Leo Espinosa June 8, 2010
I saw it at the dentist this morning and it blew my mind. So solid yet full of motion. Please make prints!
Joe Ciardiello June 8, 2010
Powerful cover, love it.
Douglas Fraser June 8, 2010
It's gratifying to read that others have seen it. I guess that's the buzz of working on published illustration. Leo, I'm hoping the dentist was kind.
Mark Fisher June 8, 2010
Shout June 8, 2010
Big Congrats Doug, powerful cover!
Hal Mayforth June 8, 2010
It was a joy to get this in the mail yesterday. Congrats Doug.
Brian Stauffer June 8, 2010
yep, that was hard to miss. VERY nice.
Flaherty June 8, 2010
Powerful. Great choice by Time to go Fraser.
Ellen Weinstein June 8, 2010
GOOOOALL!!! Gorgeous cover!!
Mike Moran June 8, 2010
Nice getting the cover and it's a good one.
felix s June 8, 2010
love it. and technically correct. if the arm were to be left to hip (an imbalance) the ball would careen over the crossbar. happens to me every time. locals (nyc. nj)- we are hosting an eng/ us match of our own in south orange at 11:30, then onto watch the match thereafter. few spots left. e mail me directly if interested
Drew Friedman June 8, 2010
Really terrific. Congrats!
Adam McCauley June 8, 2010
Fantastic cover. Interesting to see your choice between 4 & 5 - both would have been really strong, love the tension in 4 but 5 has more muscle. Also, nice choice using the modern ball pattern.
fiedler June 8, 2010
Yuko June 8, 2010
A classic Fraser. SO beautiful!
Jim Paillot June 8, 2010
An absolute attention getter. Just wonderful.
Paul Rogers June 8, 2010
I love everything about this! Any of your sketches would have been great too.
Daniel Hertzberg June 9, 2010
Your sketches feel so much like your finals, all of them are done with graphic/angular perfection. Fantastic!
Mark McBride June 10, 2010
I work in the mail room at my job, I had to make color photocopy of the cover before I delivered the magazine to the person it belonged to. I was telling the guys who I work with that this is the work of my favorite artist. Love it Doug, give this guy a 10.
Mark Gervais June 10, 2010
I can totally see this as a stone monument... so, when are you going to break out the hammer and chisel? ha. Great choice of angle and the player alone makes it feel really intimate... like you're inside his head as he's focusing on scoring. Am I reading too much into it? : )
TBower June 10, 2010
This is great to see, especially since it's so much the exception these days. Maybe the occasional dynamic illustration that slips past today's focus group dictates will reopen eyes to how good magazine covers can be. Great work, Doug.
Douglas Fraser June 10, 2010
Again, many thanks. It's an opportunity I am quite appreciative of to work on the cover for a publisher that has the global reach of TIME.
Lin W June 14, 2010
Great cover. The over the shoulder shot allows one to focus on power, not what the player's face is doing. Awesome.
Pjb Flynn June 14, 2010
What Lin said. Fraser’s art, the perfect choice for this— it’s about TIME—cover.
Chris Whetzel June 17, 2010
I just saw this in the check-out line today. Definitely an eye-catcher!
Brad Brown June 29, 2010
Great cover Doug! I was in Calgary Internation Airport on the way to London and spotted it at the newstand....I said I know that Artist anywhere...beautiful job.
Tom Marsh July 18, 2010
Great one. Google should buy that soccer ball.
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