Muscle & Shadow
posted: July 21, 2010
Couple strong guys for recent assignments. A full page image about labor costs for Convene magazine. The next one is for National Geographic online, and about reducing energy use, that's belt tightening. Another one for Motor Trend, well it's shadowy, and about an American "muscle" car. The Mustang, the original pony car becomes a thoroughbred.

Greg Clarke July 21, 2010
Very nice Doug--love the mustang logo with the jockey. BTW--I'm meeting Bman tonite for a beer. Haven't seen Mr. International in many moons.
Douglas Fraser July 21, 2010
Yeah I saw couple of photos of him. Tell him the beard is working. Have a good one.
Mark Fisher July 22, 2010
Don't mess with the dude holding that expensive chip on his shoulder! Nice ones Doug.
Victor Juhasz July 22, 2010
Great work. There's something about the first image that makes me think of Leger. Can't figure out why yet.
Douglas Fraser July 22, 2010
Thanks Guys. Victor, maybe it's the layer thing. I've been working with the layering of colours. It's the energy in the reaction of shapes to one another. Thank you for dropping the reference, it's very flattering.
Zina Saunders July 22, 2010
Very strong stuff, indeed, Douglas.
Richard Downs July 23, 2010
Cool, Doug.
Mark Mcbride July 23, 2010
The Mustang is my favorite, very bold and tough indeed. Blue is my favorite color too, I like the way you did the horse and the headlight. I want almost everything you make.
Richard Downs July 24, 2010
The Mustang, that is my favorite also.As a newly driving youngster I was driving my mom's '66 fastback and this complete f-king idiot rear ended me and totaled it and it wasn't my fault. Every time I see anything related to the Mustang I think of that cool car.
Douglas Fraser July 25, 2010
Wow, that's a sad one. The old fastbacks are rare these days.
Jim Paillot July 26, 2010
Very cool, Douglas. Love the simplicity and power of the belt tightening piece.
Cathy Stevens July 29, 2010
Way to go Dougo!!!! As always, love your work!
Jode Thompson January 12, 2011
Love your stuff Doug...Always have.... Say hi to Linda for's been MANY years.
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