Douglas Fraser

Progressing Back

MARCH 24, 2011

This month's April cover is about the struggles of unionized workers. It's interesting that at the beginning of the twenty-first century, it feels like the nineteenth. The very upper levels of American society seem set on draining every last drop out of the country. It's the teachers, firefighters, police, and other unionized labor that are the bones of a civil society which are now again under attack. As their voices are stripped away, tax breaks for the upper incomes over $200,000, are renewed. The common good of a community seems too much of an expanse for the wealthy to contribute to on a proportional basis. It's playing out in the state capitals across the USA. The cover story is about the events in Wisconsin.

April Cover art - Art Director; Nick Jehlen

I've worked with Nick Jehlen at the The Progressive a number of times over the years. Quite often regarding the subject of workers, and the struggles of laborers.

For The Progressive's Hidden History calender. First United Auto Workers contract 1937, sit down strike. Art Director; Nick Jehlen.
1932 unemployed march on grocery stores in Toledo Ohio. For The Progressives Hidden History calender. Art Director; Nick Jehlen.

Another Wisconsin struggle, as Workers fight to keep their town alive. Art Director; Nick Jehlen.

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