Douglas Fraser

Straight to Paint

JUNE 23, 2011

The last while I would develop a digital rough when developing a painting. I've skipped that stage in my recent oil paintings. Working pencil sketches up to an acceptable stage, I moved on to prepping my surface & paint. Using my own life, and surroundings as subject it's been a very satisfying mode of working. The computer is a powerful tool, and I still use it, but wanted to do my adjusting within the stages of painting. The computer ironically really has had an effect on how I view my painting.

Water Tower - Oils on masonite. 15x36.5 inches

Water Tower - Detail

Traffic Lights - Oils on wood panel. 12x24 inches.

Traffic Lights - Detail

Soap Nook - Oils on wood panel. 14x18 inches.

Soap Nook - Detail

Motorcycles - Oils on masonite. 15x24 inches.

Motorcycles - Detail

Topical: Gallery Work