posted: November 30, 2011
Recently I was considered for a boxing assignment. It was after Smokin' Joe Frazier passed away. The possible assignment had me looking through my files. On a secondary note; over my lifetime it's been a common thing to see my last name misspelt as Frazier. It's a backhanded compliment. Boxing, it's one of the sports subjects that I've dealt with quite a few times. Some of my illustrations  I've punched out honouring the Pugilist.
Label artwork for RedCar Winery.1 - Oils on panel...

Label artwork for RedCar Winery.2 - Oils on panel

Label artwork for RedCar Winery.3
- Oils on panel...

Label artwork for RedCar Winery.4 - Oils on panel...

In 2007, I was approached by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago to work on the illustrations for the World Boxing Championships. Interesting assignment, and the design & creative team were great to work with. The assignment included vector art for ceratin applications, and traditional oil painted work. A 3D piece was developed from my sketches. Tickets, programs, posters, bus, busstop, and venue applications were employed.
World Boxing Championships - Chicago 2007 - Early Thumbs...

World Boxing Championships - Chicago 2007 - Early Sketch....

World Boxing Championships - Chicago 2007 - 1 - Oils on paper w. digital color...
World Boxing Championships - Chicago 2007 - 2 - Oils on paper w. digital color...

World Boxing Championships - Chicago 2007 - 3 - Oils on paper w. digital color...

World Boxing Championships - Chicago 2007 - 4 - Oils on paper w. digital color...

Punching in BLAB! #15 - oils on paper...

Pencil from magazine work - late eighties....

Sketchbook - 1985?...

Sketchbook - 1993?...

GĂ©rard DuBois November 30, 2011
The sculpture is impressive Douglas. Did they send it back to you after the event?
Douglas Fraser November 30, 2011
Gerard, the sculpture was executed in Chicago from sketches. It's still out in the wind city somewhere. Never really asked about it. Thanks for stopping in.
Mark Fisher November 30, 2011
POW! erfull work and the sculpture is your Oscar.
Tim OBrien November 30, 2011
So, here is the career I would have gladly swapped you for. As you might have known, I was a boxer in my youth. In my 20s I was a boxing trainer. I love the sport. However, I could never really make art of it well. The realism made boxing look frozen and just bad versions of photography. Boxing needs non realistic approaches and you have a bunch of great pieces here. Punching from BLAB! is wonderful. Great post.
Douglas Fraser November 30, 2011
Mark, Oscar the grouch-garbage-can guy? OH! him the golden phallus. Jeez, I don't know what to say. Tim, you may have desired a life in boxing, but you've had a pretty good one as an illustrator. Cheers.
Paul Rogers November 30, 2011
...and in this corner, from Lethbridge, Alberta, the heavyweight champion of the world, Douglas Frazier!
Marc November 30, 2011
Every one of these is a knockout, Doug.
Douglas Fraser November 30, 2011
Paul, is it these shorts that make me look heavy? Thanks! Marc, I'm wearing headgear.
Andy Ward December 1, 2011
These are so STRONG! The muscle tone work is second to none. Deep, deep, stuff. The bus decal is pure menace.
Chris Pitzer December 1, 2011
VERY cool. Love your work in 3D... and would LOVE to see more.
Alan Witschonke December 1, 2011
You've definitely got this sport covered. What I find most intriguing is that you think and sketch in your style from the very beginning, as is evident from your WBC 2007 thumbnails and sketches. It's not something that you gradually refine and distill down and bring in your distinctive marks later, they're there from the start. I also love the compositions, viewpoints and perspective in the wine label pieces.
Jim Paillot December 1, 2011
Doug, I am crazy about your artwork but your boxing artwork is incredible! While there are many sides to that sport, I love how you always convey strength and nobility into the pieces. Also, the AIBA sculpted piece is killer.
john h howard December 1, 2011
Doug, that's a terrific body of work and those wine labels look well over the maximan- er- maximum twelve and half percent- brilliant!
Robert Neubecker December 1, 2011
This is great stuff- I love the whole package, including the older sketches, the sculpture, and the big banners. Captures the spirit really well. I bet the art director got lots of awards (for hiring you!)
Adam McCauley December 1, 2011
Man, so much killer work Doug. I especially love the wine labels.
Yuko Shimizu December 1, 2011
WOW. such great, and perfect assignments. I would love to see you do something like kids book about boxing. That would be so beautiful. too bad I am not an AD to assign that. But hopefully someone would.
Leo Espinosa December 1, 2011
man, oh, man!
Douglas Fraser December 1, 2011
Thanks to all of you for commenting. Yuko, hhmmm kids books, I've done a couple of "youth books". It's the AD's you're right. Need one with a set to get it through.
Victor Juhasz December 2, 2011
Doug, I just love looking at your sketches. The finishes reaffirm your stature as an artist with a vision. The work is monumental and iconic.
Douglas Fraser December 3, 2011
Victor, I'm very pleased a draftsman of you strength can find pleasure in my sketches. Thanks, and back 'attacha, and everyone above.
Mark McBride December 4, 2011
He has a record of over 25 years of excellent work, and NO losses!....... My jaw just fell in my lap. I have got to have one of these. # 2 is my favorite. I have seen it before but not that up close. Eye of the Tiger Doug. You definitely have the Eye of the Tiger. And the huge blowout on the arena. Nice! All of these contain so much strength and power. How can one not be moved or inspired by all of these. I am blown away. Great work Doug.
Robbie May 31, 2013
Hi you prints. Where/How can I purchase them?
Doug June 1, 2013
Robbie, I'm not set up do prints, sorry.
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