Wall Street Gasser
posted: June 20, 2012
More car culture. Orlie Kraus, art director at the Wall Street Journal drove an assignment proposal by. I had fun kicking around ideas of a future natural gas auto world. Orlie & I discussed the article on the phone, and we both threw out ideas. The visual steered around to an American Muscle car with big blue natural gas flames coming out of the back. The car would be frackin' fast I suppose. Probably not the most PC thing. As I worked on the sketches & finish, visions of youthful passions of Hot Wheels, Hot Rod magazine, Car Craft, …….. kept me bolting together my finish. After polishing the details I sent her off for the show. Hot Wheels & the Wall Street Journal hmm…there's a mix.

Preliminary sketches...

Development & execution of final art in vector....

Finish fired up....

polish those rims! - dete. - vector art...

Usage on web & print, done & run....

Harry Campbell June 21, 2012
Woah, very nice Doug. The final cropped version up top would be my choice. that vector screen shot is incredible, love seeing the work behind the work. No I'm going to sit here all day zooming and panning that image : )
Paul Rogers June 21, 2012
Nicely done, like seeing that vector screen shot. Also love the sketches.
Douglas Fraser June 21, 2012
Harry & Paul, I do enjoy cropping in on it, and filling the screen with a detail of a vector image. It's the purity of the graphic that just holds my eye. Thanks.
Victor Juhasz June 21, 2012
Nice. I like the sketches as well.
Mark McBride June 23, 2012
I smell a licensing deal with Hot Wheels over that car. Looks really great Doug....heck i would buy a die cast collectible of it. You sure know how to ignight old memories of way back when Doug.
Daniel Pelavin June 25, 2012
Really enjoyed seeing that car in the Journal Doug and my, what a nicely organized Illustrator application frame.
Douglas Fraser June 25, 2012
Daniel, I do like an uncluttered workspace on my monitor. Well..., when you have company in, you should tidy up. At least that's what I learned growing up. Thanks, Ha!
Greg M June 25, 2012
Yeah! All the good stuff in one picture. Even a hint of Evel Knievel. I love how you handled the specular highlights. Reminds me of '70s airbrush guys like Peter Lloyd & John Pasche.
Mark Gervais June 28, 2012
The way you draw those zero profile wheels always makes me drool. Slick style on this one, Doug.
Jim Paillot June 28, 2012
Your sketches have a nice, raw energy about them. I almost like them as much as I dig your final piece.
Brian Blair August 1, 2012
Very nice Doug! I agree with the Hot Wheels comment earlier. My son would love one of these. Great work.
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