Back Road
posted: November 26, 2013
I'm enjoying getting out of my studio these days. A painting from running around old back roads here on the west coast. When I do get back to my studio, it's an opportunity to look over any of my photos. Smaller paintings have been a chance for me to explore my approach further. Taking a sketch directly to a painted stage has me going back to some of my illustration approaches. Painting with oils on heavy weight paper was my traditional approach. I started laminating my own panels years ago. I've some illustrations that are thirty years old with this approach. This one's a small simple box panel, 8.75 by 9.75 inches. Materials are from the hardware, and art store.
laminated panel - work stage.1...

laminated panel - work stage.2...

oil painting on box panel - 8.75 x 9.75 inches...

fiedler November 26, 2013
Really nice Doug!
chris spollen November 26, 2013
Interesting process,simple materials, and wonderful results
Richard Downs November 26, 2013
Really nice Doug. There is something futuristic about your designing that I really like.
Rob Dunlavey November 26, 2013
I love your landscapes. I see them (actual landscapes seen through your Art) everywhere I go now.
Victo Ngai November 26, 2013
Harry Campbell November 26, 2013
Beautiful work Doug. Inspiring for me to get out and do some looking as opposed to staring at this screen. I like the lamination on the box frame as well, seems to suit the work better than a frame.
Brian Stauffer November 26, 2013
Very, very groovy, sir.
THIBEAULT November 26, 2013
Love the process and the product.
Mark Fisher November 26, 2013
The shadows are ominously wonderful.
Victor Juhasz November 27, 2013
Absolutely beautiful. Love the way to not only simplify the shapes but add different brushstrokes. Abstract and representational at the same time.
Carl Wiens December 1, 2013
Amazing work, Doug! From the hardware store to the final product, a beautiful process.
Nancy Stahl December 6, 2013
Ummm... loving those deep shadows and the abstract shapes.
Jack Hornady December 9, 2013
Doug- Love the colors and technique. How did you attach the paper (Watercolor Paper?) to the hard board? and how did you cut it to get such a clean edge. Really nice stuff! Keep up the good work.
Douglas Fraser December 9, 2013
Jack, the paper is stonehenge. A gel polymer is used to laminate the paper to the masonite(hardboard). The box frame is quite simple in construction. The frame and board is held together by carpenter's glue. Clamps are used when gluing. It's pretty simple carpentry.
Jody Hewgill December 9, 2013
Great piece Doug, I love the mood and abstract shapes. Thanks for sharing the mounting process too. I most often work on gessoed masonite, but have never thought of creating box frames for the images after the fact. I assumed this had to be done before gessoing and painting, but I like working on the flat board.
Douglas Fraser December 9, 2013
Jody, I've worked as you've described as well too. When working larger I've stuck with gessoing my surface first, and then transferring my base drawing manually, and it's time consuming. I'm looking for a more direct, and open ended approach in my painting these days. Doing these small study/sketch/paintings helps me evaluate my approach.
Jim Paillot December 9, 2013
I love your work more every year. Thanks for walking us through the process. This piece is stunning.
Jack Hornady December 10, 2013
Thanks for letting me know the process. Very cool.
Mark McBride February 9, 2014
Very realistic Doug. Those shadows really pop.
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