Douglas Fraser


NOVEMBER 18, 2014

Almost getting run over, or just having some passer-by looking at me gawking on. Then fumbling out my tiny cheap camera, yes it's digital. No phone though. I have one at home that works without thumbs, you can simply speak into it. Pulling over on the side of a busy road has others thinking I'm crazy, or up to to no-good. A security guard looking at me staring at patterns in the pavement. One security guard at a construction site told me that some guys photograph the equipment on-site for stealing later. He said that there are thieves that steal to order. Having a record of potentials helps them shop the targeted machines to prospective clients. Many client/customers are out of country. Wow, an export market. I wonder if those thieves use phones to photograph. Or would they prefer a more precise photographic record of quality. Hhmm… yeah probably not. Maybe there's an app they use, hell maybe tweetin' out, hahaha better yet a facebook page for stolen construction equipment. Moving on…..not the quickest way there, more of an alternate route. Wandering into a light industrial area there's a lawn mower repair shop….

Syrup - oils on panel - 30.5cm x 23cm

Road Flowers - oils on panel - 61cm x 30.5cm

Mowers - oils on panel - 91.5cm x 30.5cm

Mowers - detail
Shade Bridge - oils on panel - 71cm x 17.8cm

Topical: Gallery Work