posted: December 16, 2015
53ft - oils on linen, 43 x 34 inches...

Driving through southern Alberta last June, I stopped to use a public washroom. Another road that I’ve been over what seems like a hundred times in my life. Highway 2 the longest highway in the province. The highway splits into two roads in the town of Nanton. Each road has 2 lanes in one direction. The east side road going north, and west heading south. This image is from the west side road looking east. One of the few remaining phone booths still in service. The assumption of a world full of iPhones is somewhat a sad joke, but it grows.
Sketch to resolve the basic structure of my painting....

53ft - phone booth...

Robert Crawford December 17, 2015
I'm loving your fine art Douglas.
Richard Downs December 17, 2015
Really nice, Doug. Your paint application is amazing and I love the little bits of distortion here and there.
Paul Rogers December 17, 2015
So much to admire here Doug. Beautiful!
Dale Stephanos December 17, 2015
Doug, I love this direction. Looking forward to seeing more.
Julia Breckenreid December 18, 2015
Amazing how you gift a typically mundane scene with beauty. Every inch is interesting - wish I could stand in front of one in person instead of my screen!
Victor Juhasz December 21, 2015
The paintings that you've been posting are remarkable and just grab you. I'm with Julia regarding the observation on turning the mundane into beauty.
Harry December 22, 2015
Makes me think of Fargo, and the scenes from that series-minus all the blood. I love these paintings Doug, love the atmosphere in each.
Mark Fisher December 29, 2015
53' of cool.
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