posted: April 12, 2018
Recent observations with a little carpentry. I still have all my fingers.
Shopping Cart - oil on panel, 18 x 14 inches...
Art in frame - salvage materials...
Back of Shopping Cart frame. ...
Iris - graphite pencil base...
Iris - oils on panel, 27.5 x 22 inches...
Intersection Flower - oils on panel, 15.625 x 36 inches...
Alan Witschonke April 12, 2018
Exquisite work! The shopping cart is amazing, Talk about a difficult subject. The frame's not bad either.
Mark Fisher April 13, 2018
A shopping cart! You have tested your mettle and have won.
THIBEAULT April 14, 2018
For me, it's gotta be the geometric Iris!!
Jeffrey Smith April 26, 2018
Doug! Wonderful work! Love the undulation, geometry and space.
Greg Simanson September 7, 2018
Love the real-life subject manner in your gallery work, stunning!
All images copyright Douglas Fraser