Something in Summer
posted: August 14, 2008
Summer is not long enough here in the north. On the newsstands now the September issue of Mens Health, I've an illustration. The subject was a list of 15 must see things. The subject matter was very wide which made it quite difficult to narrow down to show all fifteen items. I guess a two page spread might have worked.  The text is a list of  fifteen must-see-items in a bullet format. The list of items were to get the "Contemporary Male" off his electronic gizmos, and into the real world. Some of the list includes; Open heart surgery, the grand canyon from the air, a Mark Rothko painting, a local dump/landfill, a desert flower bloom.....and more. Each item was a couple of sentences. Maybe it should have been a picture book for the contemporary humans....hmmmm. Oh well difficult to cram into three quarters of a page. In my first two sketches I just tried to convey a feeling of breaking free. In my third sketch, was a feeling of being awe struck, and blown away. I included a cell phone to represent the electronic gizmos. With the background being the shredding of the "Contemporary Male's" world. The art director, John Dixon, wanted a graphic look. Fine, so I worked with brush & ink, and hand separations keeping a graphic feel with a hand done execution. I gotta get back outside.
harry August 14, 2008
Nice, always like seeing your very complete and informative roughs. If I was the A.D I would have gone with the hand. cool.
Joseph Fiedler August 14, 2008
Good to see you back in the mix! Killing me as usual. So, that's really ink on actual [mylar?] layers? and NOT digital? Who would know? Time to get out the Fleece! J
Paul Rogers August 14, 2008
See, I would have just crammed the fifteen things into three quarters of a page and blamed the editors for a lousy image. Your soulution gives the reader credit for a higher level of intelligence and involvement. Something about this kind of approach reminds me of the great work of Rockwell Kent. Also, nice color.
Doug Fraser August 14, 2008
Harry, thanks. I do like the symbolism in sketch #1. Still John picked #3. Joseph, yep that's brush & ink on actual mylar. I do a new layer for each color. I've been pretty busy the last while. I wanted to get out more this summer. Paul, Rockwell Kent that's quite a compliment. Thanks!
Cathleen Toelke August 14, 2008
Fine piece, Doug. I love the abstraction and the way you handled the shreds.
Scott Bakal August 14, 2008
Hey Doug: It was great hanging with you at ICON...hope you found your way back to the hotel alright! Nice process here and cool final. I think all of the solutions are excellent...
Doug Fraser August 15, 2008
Cathleen, thanks. It's been somewhat freeing to work with ink after giving up trying to be one of my of adolescent heroes. Scott, yeah I did get back to my room okay. I did live in New York back in the eighties. In the dark you wouldn't know it. Had fun hanging out with you guys at ICON.
Chris Buzelli August 19, 2008
I've worked on this same section a couple of times. I've had to hold myself back with sending the sketch with all 15 items. I like the simplicity and drama of your final concept.
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