Grinding Gears
posted: May 12, 2009
I'm still grinding gears with Andy Foster at Motor Trend magazine, and lovin' it. The Technologue column is at the front of the magazine, and highlights mechanical topics within the automotive world. My Father was a civil engineer who impressed upon me an armchair appreciation of machines. Doing illustrations of the workings in engines is an interesting challenge. My images are definitely not the noble diagrams of engine manuals, but a playful riff on the subjects.

This one is about planetary gears. They're usual in transmission applications....
We're talking about variable combustion ratios, VCR, not old tapes. This is pretty amazing technology that increases an engine's capabilities while greatly impacting it's fuel consumption on the fly....
Mark Fisher May 12, 2009
Planetary gears! If ever an artist was suited for machines, your it.
Josh McKible May 12, 2009
Man, I love the dimensionality of those gears. The space suit design reminds me a bit of the design from Kubrick's 2001. When the future was bright.
Scott Bakal May 12, 2009
Planetary Gears=Awesome! Nice work, man!
Paul Rogers May 13, 2009
Motor Trend is lucky to have you in their pages. You're creating some armchair appreciation of your own.
Cathleen Toelke May 13, 2009
Cool gear idea, Doug, done with your masterful take on perspective. Such a great effect.
Doug Fraser May 13, 2009
Josh, yes I was remembering Kubrick. No black obelisk though.
Victor Juhasz May 14, 2009
Love the imagery. So cool.
Mark McBride May 15, 2009
Motor Trend must love you. I work in the mail room at my job so I will be on the look out for Dr. Whats His Name magazine. Good Work Doug.
All images copyright Douglas Fraser