posted: July 9, 2009
Last July 4th weekend I did a cover for LA Weekly. Subject is, "how two veterans of the L.A. punk scene wound up on a collision course, until only one was left standing, the other shot once through the heart at point-blank range with a .25 caliber handgun". The art director, Darrick Rainey suggested the classic face card composition, and I offered a scene sketch. I fleshed out his suggestion which I liked as well. Went with the brush and ink approach for a "punky" feel. Bright contrasty colors for newsprint. Fun assignment.

Final art...
Jim Paillot July 9, 2009
Yow! That green came out of nowhere. This piece is so nice.
Kyle T. Webster July 9, 2009
Great, bold, graphic piece, and it's perfect for a Weekly that needs to read from a distance. Darrick gave me some of my first jobs, and he still calls a few times a year - he's a great art director who loves illustration. Long live the Rainey.
Brian Stauffer July 9, 2009
That's an amazing image. Derrick is the man for sure.
Zina Saunders July 9, 2009
I like both the sketches, too. Especially like the squared-off face and neck treatment in the scene. And I agree with Jim about the surprising green.
Doug Fraser July 9, 2009
About that green; After talking over sketches with Darrick, I felt that contrast and brightness was really needed to push the color. Darrick described that the color brown was an example of the worst color possible for the needs of their cover. I'd done an early version in the process stage which was made up of tasteful neutrals, but knew that it would die on the newsstand. I never presented it to Darrick. Thanks for your comments.
Shout July 9, 2009
really powerful Doug, I really like this one! green plus orange is always a good deal
Paul Rogers July 9, 2009
Nice one! You may have a future in this business.
Tim OBrien July 9, 2009
I like the way your line drawing works too. I would have struggled picking which one to run with. Color wins but Nice to see the line.
Leo Espinosa July 9, 2009
My eyes just had a heart attack! Easily one of my favorite pieces of yours
Yuko Shimizu July 9, 2009
simple, powerful and strong!!!!!!!
Victor Juhasz July 9, 2009
Intense. Another Fraser winner. The sketches are solid too.
Richard Downs July 9, 2009
Wild piece, Doug. Those colors can take the mind to Halloween and almost Christmas yet it says Punk, cool.
Doug Fraser July 10, 2009
Green & orange = Halloween & Christmas. Halloween candy wrappers, pumpkins, Christmas mandarin oranges(might be a western Canadian thing), everygreen trees, the ghosts of the dead, mind killing xmas tunes in shopping malls, old witch's faces,hmmmm....a bad dye job on a Punker's head, BANG your dead.
David G Klein July 13, 2009
Makes me want to read the article. I know that's the idea. Any more of the story here? And as always, kudos.
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