Harry & I
posted: September 23, 2009
After seeing Mr.Campbell's wonderful fresh diagrams, I sent him links about this past master. Harry suggested I post the links. So from Leif Peng's great blog about awesome classic illustration, here's some past diagram nervana, enjoy;

Robert Crawford September 24, 2009
Hi Doug; I have done similar types of jobs. I wish I had seen these before. Thanks for the inspiration!
Mark McBride September 25, 2009
Wow...what a story man. And no charge for the art prints back then too. Someone get me a time machine!! The drawings of the cutaway buildings, are those detailed, fined tuned detail. I can see he got tired of the detail as he got older. Thats the reason why I decided not to be a detailed type artist from the get go, I dont have the patients for that. Good artist and decent man from what I read. The guy loved to draw pictures as the article states and you can clearly see it in his work. Thats the thing I love about art, the process, when you see what you have concieved in your mind finally come full circle on paper or whatever medium you use, as an illustrator, it really satisfies you. Thanks for posting this Doug, its a confidence booster.
Mark Fisher September 25, 2009
Better than X-ray vision! Thanks for the post Doug.
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