Douglas Fraser

BizWeek After Bloomberg?

JANUARY 1, 2010

In December I worked with Don Besom at BusinessWeek . It was interesting talking with Don, now that the magazine is owned by Bloomberg it remains to be seen what's next. There was a sense of melancholy recalling all the people I met while working on BusinessWeek assignments. I can remember walking into the McGraw Hill building to drop off my portfolio back in 1985. I've contributed illustrations on & off over the years. The latest was a book review on the subject of the contemporary CEO as seen by a couple of French academics. The book title is; From Predator to Icons.

 Also below is the very first assignment I ever did for BusinessWeek. It was about the farming crisis in the midwest. The Art Director was Sharon Bystrek. Well, farming is not creating the same headlines these days. It's forward into 2010.

riffing Picasso
oils on heavy paper stock

• Below is the thumb sketch I did for my first ever BusinessWeek assignment in 1985.

Final art - oils on strathmore paper
Cover art sketch on Third World debt around early '87.
Final art - oils on strathmore paper
This was a special issue. I also did all the open art for each section, about five other illustrations. All the art was painted in the last month of '85. Art Director; Malcolm Frouman
One of the interior pieces. That computer was high tech.
Another interior from the Industry Outlook issue.
Mr. Gorbachev came for a visit.
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